you disappear as a person
					time takes hold of vulnerability. in order. to slip away from it.
					a slip that hides in no emotion. hides in the nothing of a tear.
					or. a tear. that slides through gravity. with no feeling
					from the eyes to the corners of a closed, turned - down - mouth.
					A twitch.
					to speak with. is a mouth used to speak with?
					a mouth. holds possibilities of…
					"I love you"
					the image blurrs like the melting of glass.
					"I'll give you my mouth"
					(For the cost of yours.)    A thought.
					Is a thought made before language?
					The mouth opens and language is defined.
					"It can be brutal."
					"What do you mean?"
					"The small taking of parts of your body."
					"Like hunger?"
					"No. Like feeding."
					"Feed me."
					(You’ve got that the wrong way round.)
					the mouth takes. control
					to hold. the other. in. restraint.
					"You won’t miss them at first…
					That only happens after."
					"After what?"
					"After I’ve gone."
					(Then, you’ll begin to feel
					where holes meet
					to collapse
					inside of you.)
					"Cup of tea?"
					an incision is made
					She looks at the face of her lover.
					As if she
					could face the mirror.
					As if the mirror could face her.
					she watched. anger redden the mirror’s skin.
					A silent screaming. While
					hate remembers a younger time.
					Reflective : Impenetrable.
					Transferred pain is a wanted thing.
					rage moves from one body to the other
					then. nothing.
					A surface like Teflon.
					Non-stick. No problem.
					No burnt egg edges.
					No words.
					They discovered a monster.
					what she had become. looked at her. through eyes. of reflection.
					Massive (im) permanent.
Jessica Wallace

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