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International Corporation of Lost Structures
Directors: Suzanne Treister and Bronia Iwanczak

Melinda Rackham 2000

Soundscapes and writing by Jason Sweeney, ex-Adelaide, now Melbourne based

**** (four stars)
Michael Atavar

a series of works by maryanne breez

Francesca daRimini

Francesca daRimini & mikeyNoHarm

Tulse Luper _ 92 Suitcases
a Peter Greenaway inspired site. Playful writing, one of those places to get lost in_amongst.

meme_shift #0
Teri Hoskin

Would You Recognize a Virtual Paradise?
Suzanne Treister's avatar Rosalind Brosdky began here in 1995. CDROM and book now available from dark horsey the Experimental Art Foundation's bookshop.
eparty and KONSTRUCTO!
andypc, "heavy aussie graphics" and lots of political satire as only andypc can do.

geniwate was joint winner of the 1998 trAce/alt-x hypertext competition with this work. Other writing here too.

Multimedia Poetry Site
Philip Salom & Meredith Kidby

Mark Amerika's endless hypertext novel.

deep immersion
Terri-ann White, Perth based writer. Deep immersion was produced during a virtual writer in residency at trace online writing community in 1997

Mary-Kim Arnold and Matthew Derby

Judy Malloy
Collected Internet Works

Networked Interzones_Genre-Bending
Curated by Linda Marie Walker for alt-x in 1997, all the following works by Australian writers at the above link...

  • Wishing
    Gregory Ulmer & Linda Marie Walker

  • Story
    Brenda Ludeman

  • ...Outside It Snows
    Jyanni Steffensen

  • here
    Teri Hoskin

    Peter Bishop

  • In(side)Out.
    The face that turns towards and looks: Chartres Cathedral, 1989
    Michael Tawa

e publishers

The Radii
is a non-profit group dedicated to innovative online collaborative writing projects.

trAce Online Writing Community
based at Nottingham Trent University, UK. See frAme @ trAce, Journal of Art and Culture for critically engaged poetics

Electronic Literature Organization

sniffy linings press a very nice poetry/prose site, new realism perhaps - or post ginsberg, check out Bridget Benton's poetry and wry funny works by Paul Ash

Etext archives
has been around since 1992, a free publishing service

There is a lot of writing here, some of it is very good, the emphasis is on a literary lineage


re_search practise(s)

Florida Research Ensemble
Choragraphy with Gregory Ulmer

Eyebeam Atelier
"a New York based site that creates innovative opportunites for artists, students, scholars, and the public through its educational programs, Artist-in-Residence program, internships, apprenticeships, partnerships, online symposia, and public events".

Leonardo On-Line

Lev Manovich
Essays from The Language of New Media including: "The poetics of Augmented Space: Learning from Prada" and "Generation Flash"

Histories of Internet Art Facts and Fictions
A site generated by visual arts and design students at the University of Colerado. An thoughtful and playful array of thinking and practices.

Post Modern Culture, the first online journal. Text-only archives of past issues

Arthur and Marilouise Kroker's mixed bag theoria site

alt-x Publishing Network

Western Front
is a Canadian based artist run centre that is dedicated to the production, exhibition, and promotion of contemporary electronic - media art

Visual Concrete + Sound Poetry, how to arrest something with a picture

apparatus ~ ~

transient performance operations | archival evidence

Verve:The Other Writing
A visual arts project for the Telstra Adelaide Festival in collaboration with ANAT, CACSA and others. 34 artists/writers and thinkers over two weeks in March 2000. The web site remains as archive and resource for thinking about the Other Writing. This Other is not that of opposite to Same, rather the Other of multiplicity passages of effects here the hope is to be set in motion.

lux: notes for an electronic writing
Electronic writing for the gallery wall, The Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia then back to the web (eWRe & CACSA). What is it that makes writing 'electronic', the texts are all here, slide documentation too.

** l'audible is a site dedicated to the development of audio culture in australasia...

Clan Analogue is a collective, of electronic sound composers, visual artists, coders, djs, video artists, writers and designers. Clan is a diverse group working in sound design, video, live events, publishing, internet and broadcasting.

Electronic Music Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that provides access to materials and information essential to understanding the history and current development of electronic music and related artforms.

was undertaken by ANAT as part of Perspecta 99 and Darwin's NxT symposium. The resulting web site features the work and thinking of a lot of artists and writers + links to tactical media sites. Fabulous minimalist design by Melinda Rackham. From Amanda MacDonald Crowley's essay; "Resistant Media is a research project, the intention if which is to critique the assemblage and re-assemblage of fragmented cultural images which drift through the grid of cultural possibility. It is an ongoing inquiry into whether it is even still possible to develop an art practice grounded in notions of politics through the internet."

X-art Foundation/Blast
linked to Eyebeam atalier, terrific critical agents with a vital manifesto.

nervous objects
see TERRA_NOVA, "a series of experiments inviting the transparent", temporal performance at Pekina, near Ororroo South Australia; lingua_elettrica, "assume Crash Position"; and link to foldback, ANAT's 10th Anniversary Celebrations during 1998 Adelaide Festival of Arts

r a d i o q u a l i a
Honor Hager and Adam Hynde broadcast collations of sampled internet noise

Pig Vision
"research with a difference", see how a pig in Tasmania can operate a traffic light in Gernmany

transparent agents will take over your machine.

at the Guggenheim Virtual Museum is "A One-Year Narrative Project in Installments, conceived by filmmaker and media artist Shu Lea Cheang, Brandon explores issues of gender fusion and techno-body in both public space and cyberspace." Currently in collaboration with the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras, featuring Fiona McGregor, Anna Munster & Michele Barker, Sarah Waterson.

The Society for Old and New Media
is a cultural research and development centre for communications technology based in Amsterdam.
reView ~ ~

Australian National Arts Online

fineArt forum = art + technology netnews
"fineArt forum is a free, not-for-profit news and information service exploring the relationship between the arts, sciences and technology. fAf aims to inform new media arts and technology communities worldwide of the latest events, developments and opportunities."

Dismantling Chance a survey of Verve at the Contemporary Art Centre
a slow read for Verve:The Other Writing by Kirstin Krauth, one of the RealTime team at the Adelaide Festival of Arts 2000.
Text as Wrapping Paper, Verve at Artists' Week
The New Textual Landscape, Sue Thomas, Director of trAce online writing community and guest of the Festival for Verve

Linda Carroli's "Writing, community, virtuality" in Real Time 31 reviews EWRE's recent Ensemble Logic Project, and the trAce Online Writing Community.

Kirstin Krauth "WriteSites. Starlets and hypertext dropouts." also in RealTime 31 a review of the winning sites of the recent trAce/alt-x hypertext competition, including Jenny Weight's "rice".


essays ~ ` {

Sacrificing Music
Gregory Ulmer. Includes "The Monumental Electric" and "The Wreck-Age: How to Think with Wreck-Work". Very important essays in any consideration of electronic writing practice.

Guardian of Language
an Interview With Helene Cixous by Kathleen O'Grady

Internet Philosophy and Psychology, Alan Sondheim
"The text consists of hundreds of sections written over a period of five years, a continuous meditation on cyberspace, emphasizing issues of interiority, subjectivity, body, and language. The extended range of topics includes Net applications, as well as occasional reference to the underlying architecture and protocols of telecommunications; this is the materialist "gristle" that can't be discarded in analysis."

A Cyborg Manifesto
Donna Haraway's ironic dream

What Does It Mean To Be Posthuman?
Katheryn Hayles

A Literary Hypertext Chronology
Stuart Moulthrop's List, making a certain (particular) history

research ` data - bases : links + lists

Philosophy Research Database
has a lot of categories including Ancient and Aesthetic Philosophies; Phenomenology to Existentialism; Post Structuralism, Feminism and Queer Theory. Links to other sites and bibliographies

Derridean Links

Deleuzian links

Voice of the Shuttle
is the most extensive collection of art and art history links I've seen. This is a very valuable resource

Project Gutenburg

~ ~ visual arts

documentation ^ essays

Soho Museum
an electronic gallery that documents artists work

More than Minimal:Feminism and Abstraction in the 70's
The Rose Art Museum Brandeis University

documentation Joyce Hinterding's electronics work

Bill Seaman
many links to some of Bill's work on recombinant poetics

arts orgs ~ galleries

Experimental Art Foundation (EAF)
Gallery, artists studio spaces and bookshop devoted to contemporary experimental practices, based in Adelaide. (eWRe lives here, a bookshelf, a filing cabinet, a desk and a computer in a couple of square metres of office space)

Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia (CACSA)

The Performance Space Sydney

CAOS Contemporary Arts Organisations of Australia

arts orgs ~ digital

ANAT is the Australian Network for Art and Technology

Screen Arts
Australia's Digital Screen Arts Directory
~ ` miscellaneous _

The English Server
a lot of very useful resources and links to great journals

Human Genome Project
Information - Glossary

Virtual Genome Center

Copy Index Page
Kathy Bowry (all things to do with Intellectual Property, see Cyberlaw, a new addition to the site)

EFA Electronic Frontiers Association

The Internet Movie Database

A Web Of Online Dictionaries
an excellent resource: thesauri, entomologies, and a multitide of language dictionaries

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Online Gallery/Journal
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Telstra Adelaide Festival 2000
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