two affairs he said.

he did not elaborate upon the second.

ageless will be the name

of our pleasure boats.

the wine flagon

came around



wine when sake is meant.



is a foolish affair.


awkward when poesis is meant.


he refused to drink anymore.

i'll put the meat on the bones.

we'll be partners. you and me.


shinjuku gyoen takes about 15mins from station.

or take maronuchi line. kinokumiya bookstore. 3-17-7. shinjuku. english ( read familiar ) books on 6th fl.

if you look

at it for a moment

you can almost see the

water dripping out of the sky.

rain ame.

rain ame.

rain ame.

rain ame.


drank beer asahi

ate squid




& umoboshi

at the local izekya.


more raw than a bistro.


bistro coldness clatters.



warm wood with

drumming walls.

small and plentiful


must light

a mosquito ka coil.

i itch.


we present you

good old dreams

and now its new!

be have your self!

lets join us!

mother her boys love.

mother is so everyday

keeping house

but she is always


4hr relief smokey

caffine free fast

smokey time-released aspirin sodium free.

hoka means to release.


young men at themselves go furiously beating.

the luxury of an envelope: a sweet, a bit of sugared bean paste.


I knew of course, that there are some truths in this world that one cannot see unless one unbends one's posture. But such things could


well be left to others.

when you gradually come to demand more and more spice in your pleasures you remember how much as a child you enjoyed being punished.

Are you implying

that god is

a lazy


The boiled course was

pickled bracken

in bream



served with

a steaming broth


red madders.

the writer of this letter was a person who had suffered the same offense. twenty volumes of repetition of the same sneer of events. the hand, a strange relentless one, was more mature than the one she was used to, and suggestive of a deeper mind. which princess would be which?

she wondered, gazing and gazing at the note.


it was well past time for her to be in bed.


ubiquitous white glove. taxi driver left hand.

white nylon lace fitted seat covers. not a speck

of dust. first smells; smog, damp, mould musty

disinfectant deodorizer drains. mild sevens one

cup sake pocari sweat light in august rainy

season dragonfly cicadas relentlesslarge

as dead birds. his skin is transluscent yellow, a

pasty pallor; veins mark a road map. a very

young terrain. copious amount of sweat wets

the sheets. large beads relentlessglisten five mm too big. odourless clear water drains away the virus. a spine is punctured. imminent death are made with god. the voyeurs have shut their windows. the rusty

dentists - their doors.

the mop hangs relentlessits hair over the balcony like a japanese witch. it is oban afterall.




text~Teri Hoskin