Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2001 14:20:12 +0930
From: AW
To: TH
Subject: psssss

... then there's this other deleuze quote you sent me:

"For example, given an animal, what is this animal unaffected by in the infinite world? What does it react to positively or negatively? What are its nutrients and its poisons? What does it "take" in its world? Every point has its counterpoints: the plant and the rain, the spider and the fly. So an animal, a thing, is never separable from its relations with the world. The interior is only a selected exterior, and the exterior, a projected interior. The speed or slowness of metabolisms, perceptions, actions, and reactions link together to constitute a particular individual in the world." (D, 1988, 125)

i've been writing a piece that gets started with the word take. it's a word to think/write about, that's for sure. it's in the attachment ... love anne