Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2001 13:48:12 +0930
From: AW
To: TH
Subject: Re: key(d) [up, no: down, like a soft, soft covering of feathers or something like felt or the feel, yes the feel of this] speed.

deleuze jumped? where? when? from how high? or low. do we jump from a very high or a very low point do you think? And i'm sure you're right about the taking of control. like pass ... sing ...sing .... sing... [what, is johnny o'keefe making an appearance now? with a loud shhhhhhhhh...] OUT. so that he didn't jump out of despair. but (if you can forgive my bad french pronunciation) out of de ... lose. so that it's not a loss, but more of a finding. hmmm ... a finding. a finding about or around death. deleuze's death. i'm sure that's a legal term. you know, the court's findings. or like: the facts. something that approaches the truth, albeit cautiously. skirting it, rather. jeez, I could go to town with that one. with that skirt. or skirting ... bored?