Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2001 23:26:17 +1030
To: AW
From: TH
Subject: key(d) speed

how about pass-words - - denoting passage, a line of flight, a moving...

"[t]here are pass-words beneath the order-words. Words that pass, words that are components of passage, where-as order-words mark stoppages or organized, stratified compositions [that already known, the represented]. A single word or thing undoubtedly has this twofold nature: it is necessary to extract one from the other - to transform the compositions of order into components of passage" (D&G, 1,000 P's, 110)

just sending bits I'm thinking with today and yesterday...Deleuze wrote most of this stuff, but he nicks things from spinoza and henri bergson, I didn't know this til i started to read them and there it is, all deleuzian thinking, i love him, he mixes up time(s). i wonder why he jumped - at which point, was it despair, (i doubt it) I reckon he took control.. love from Teri