Date: today ... or it could have been yesterday
To: TH
From: AW
Subject: that big wooden stool

Dear Teri
There's a funny bit of synchronicity going on with this one. Because when you found those hilarious silicone animal keyrings at that games shop in Coogee, you didn't know anything about the Trevor Fry installation in Squat Space a few weeks earlier. It was during the Gay Mardis Gras. Trevor's video was banned from being shown at the Seymour Centre. It was thought to be too obscene, even for the Mardis Gras. So Squat Space boldly went where no other arts venue would dare to go and offered Trevor a space to show his contentious work, risking closure by the police, seizure of the 'obscene' visual material and possible arrests. Well, it wouldn't be the first time for the Squats to feel the heavy hand of the law upon them. 'Rats of society', that's what they've been labelled. The residents of the Glebe Squats, that is. Although one might be forgiven for thinking this refers to the police - well, it makes for a variation on pigs. Anyway, about that video of Trevor's. I went to the opening and saw it. Part of the floor had been pulled up - the part directly beneath the front window that we subsequently tiled with those black and red notebooks (more about the possible anal retentiveness of THAT gesture in a mo). The video monitor was almost completely buried in dirt. Yeah, I know, pretty literal. Not only with respect to the dirt, but also the uncovering of a damp, dark and hidden space. Hier ist ze return off ze repressed, nicht wa? Yeah, Freud would've loved this one. I mean, this video was (is) made of the stuff of some of our worst nightmares, because I don't know about you, but I've had many an anxious night down in the depths of my unconscious, suffering the public exposure of - quite literally - my shit! Hang on a minute, I can feel one coming on right now. Back in a tick.