daily bred is not at all useful: the 'gift' is its complication

daily bred website is generated from a writing performance residency at Squat Space, Sydney in April 2001. Anne Walton instigated the idea and invited Teri Hoskin to collaborate. The site of the residency is translated here, the time before and ongoing in a meandering fashion, - between this screen and you - whoever you are.

web architecture and programming: Teri Hoskin
design and content: Teri Hoskin and Anne Walton

daily bred is hosted by the eWRe

platform, browser and plug-in requirements.

daily bred incorporates a lot of smallish quicktime audio/visual files. We've tried to keep the file sizes quite small, the largest is 130k and shouldn't take too long to download, or, what we've tried to do is provide other things for you to incorporate (in keeping with corporeal concerns) whilst the files enter your machine. This in the way of selvege awareness.

If you keep the windows open as you go the audio components will layer - you might like to play with this, - we do. You can adjust volume levels or stop the video/audio with the quicktime menu bar. The movies can also be saved to disk.
This version is very beta never quite alpha

Quicktime plugins are available for both Macintosh or Windows.

The optimum browser for font and layout control is Internet Explorer 5 but the site works ok on Netscape Navigator 4.7 and Netscape 6 too

Optimum screen size (the one used for design) is 1024 x 768

updated 21.07.01

squat space is news squat; Etymology: Middle English squatten, from Middle French esquatir, from es- ex- (from Latin ex-) + quatir to press, from (assumed) Vulgar Latin coactire to press together, from Latin coactus, past participle of cogere to drive together Date: 15th century
1. To sit down upon the buttocks or heels. 2. To sit close upon the ground or cower. 3. To settle on private or public land without pretense of title. 4. To stoopp or lie close to prevent ibservation, as a partridge or a rabbit. Main Entry: 1squat Pronunciation: 'skwät Function: verb Inflected Form(s): squat·ted; squat·ting
squat space