get down on the cat and feed the floor / book-tiled with tatami tensility / short long day / yellow chalk marks low tide
… tenuto, in Italian held (sustained for along time) tenuous, thin small minute: - rare as opposed to dense, Tenuity is thin … quiver-in' … tenuis from the latin ­ slender,
on-in-thin ice
relentless, not like before, writing sleep-a-wake
small haiku things, just a few precise words that tell nothing,
squatting,the action - the impossible possible reality of its working it works, this is the common-law, the being-in-common, how? and what is ok to 'say' of it when one is a guest, a visitor, one must participate not observe, but one must observe to participate, Be, Be-there-in, Amongst, There are entries and non-entries, place of passage and non-passage, What's the password? she demands, and he knows it, the password that is not a password but a dis-course (this course - ocurse),

Today's task is to pace space - from the gutter at the point where Broadway meets the lane - then door, cracked window pane, helping hands, stool, non-passage passage, monday's cracked corn, boxed virgin keys, dumpster goddess altar, bred maker breeding, Anne makes soup, floor tiles of books good enough to be lacquered and called Italian, Mick's disassociated palimpsest of key marks in here and paint drips out there - in the lane, etcetera - register moves around, rhythms play of ready…all…ready… score

We watch My Dinner With André on Easter Monday, right after the First Supper, (I'll write to you about the menu later), André tells Wally about some of his sacred experiences with a select group of people, moment of bacchanalia perhaps, though he doesn't say bacchanalia Dionysus comes to (re)mind, He also refers to fascism and Nazis a lot, and at one point Wally mentions Heidegger, so I reckon Louis Mallé is on to something here, André is the one who talks the most, After all, he's got a lot to say, Wally tries really hard to listen, In the first half of the film Wally seems to just go through the motions, as though he's reciting a script he's memorized without intent, like a knee jerk reaction perhaps, though with less movement, Andrés experiences are so unfamiliar to Wally, so way-out weird, that he has no where to land, no place to leave from, But then, something happens, duration comes to the fore-ground, makes a landing, a platform, for the tenuity of memory made now by image, Electric warmth mooted through woollen weave,

So though André may be right about the banality of comfort and comfort's closure of risk opportunities, a life with no comfort would be equally as devastating, Of course you may think about this differently if you experienced the passage I am writing about,

I'm writing disaster,

This is the point beyond which we cannot laugh AT Wally anymore - (because we have been, Louis Mallé wants us to, this is THE rule of wit) - he has something to say, At this point, this moment of his declaration for comfort, Wally becomes super-human, he is agent, he acts, (on a point of comfort), the necessity of an electric blanket in a New York Winter if one is going to be able to continue, to go on, to write, to make theatre and performance, This film is a lot about performance, (yes, my syntax is fucked, just like my vision, thats why this font is so large), and now André sounds almost pleading, somehow superciliously 'nice', but I could be wrong, I want to listen to them listen to each other again,

Anne and I catch the bus from Coogee to Central, We talk about good and evil, and whether it really exists, you know, with a capital G and a captial E, and then about responsibility, I haven't got a questi... lots of things are happening here, L.I. has bought us a pile of books for the stoolcumshelf, There's something about Alan Kaprow, a mad comic book, Correspondence Art - its a rich pile and its sitting on the stool, fluxus keeps popping up in my life …

n. "As long as you don't know each other you may and can be anything, Anonymity among insiders prevents the forming of rigid scenes and social control, Everyone is welcome who knows the code, That code consisted not of a secret password but a certain sort of casualness,"
Cracking the Movement