Josephine Wilson + Linda Carroli

dramaturg: Louise Gough

design: Linda Carroli

thanks to: John Armstrong, Chris Hill, Electronic Writing Research Ensemble, Virtual Artists, Simon-Astley Scholfield, Australian Network for Art and Technology

and to our 'remembering the 90s' survey respondents: Michael Vann, Lisa Carroli, Sara Miller, Tracey Benson, John Armstrong, Simon-Astley Scholfield

guest appearances: Oktobriana + Fleur Ball


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Josephine Wilson is a Perth based writer. Her performance project, The Geography of Haunted Places, in collaboration with Erin Hefferon, toured nationally, and was invited into the London International Festival of Theatre (LIFT), in 1997. Josephine has worked as a researcher and curator in the Western Australian Museum and the Fremantle Prison, and in 1994 was co-ordinator (with Melissa Harpley) of the Project Absence of Evidence, at the Fremantle Arts Centre, in which artists, performers, museum specialists and writers developed site-specific work through an investigation of the hidden histories of the Fremantle Women's Prison and the Fremantle Asylum.

Currently completing a Masters of Creative Writing at the University of Queensland, St. Lucia, Josephine was selected in August 1997 to participate in the collaborative on-line writing project *Water Writes Always in *Plural, with Brisbane writer/artist Linda Carroli. Linda and Josephine have been funded to continue their on-line collaboration, and are participants in the online project, Ensemble Logic, curated by Teri Hoskin, in Adelaide. Her new performance work, Customs, was performanced in 1998 at Sidetrack Theatre, Sydney. It was commissioned by Sydney based group Theatre of Desire. Born 1959.


Linda Carroli is a writer, curator and visual artist. Since 1985, Carroli has written as a journalist, essayist and critical writer. Her writings have been published in Leonardo, Eyeline, Periphery, Real Time, Meanjin, Broadsheet, Globe E, Xtexts and Artlink. As well, she has written artist catalogue and critical essays. In 1997, her essay, 'Virtual Encounters: Community or Collaboration on the Internet?' was selected for publication in Leonardo as part of the 5th Annual New York Digital Salon.

She has worked in both print and broadcast media as well as in editorial and is currently a member of the Editorial Committee of Eyeline, the Editorial Advisory Panel of Xtexts and the Queensland Editorial Committee of Real Time. In 1997, Carroli completed a Writer's Residency as part of the Australian Network for Art and Technology project, *Water Writes Always in *Plural, working collaboratively online with Josephine Wilson to produce hypertext. This work was awarded the inaugural Salt Hill Award for Hypertext (University of Syracuse, NY). Following that project, she participated in Ensemble Logic, a series of online lectures and forums organised by the Electronic Writing Research Ensemble in 1998. As well, she received a grant in 1998 from the Australia Council's New Media Fund to continue her collaboration with Josephine Wilson on the project, cipher. As part of ISEA98, she presented a paper for webcast on the theme 'Extended Bodies: Collaborative Efforts in Cyberspace'. Born 1964.


Louise Gough is a dramaturg, scriptwriter and script editor working in film and performance. She will be relocating to the United States in 1999. Born 1968.