t h e  p l o t


Dr. Jyanni Steffensen

The "plot" is outlined for the spectator/player at various points on hypertextual pathways through the computer game, Game Girl. It reads, in part:

In this game you become a component of the matrix, joining ANG in her quest to sabotage the databanks of Big Daddy Mainframe . . . All battles take place in the Contested Zone, a terrain of propaganda, subversion and transgression. Your guides through the Contested Zone are renegade DNA Sluts, abdicators from the oppressive superhero regime, who have joined ANG in her fight for data liberation . . . The path of infiltration is treacherous and you will encounter many obstacles. The most wicked is Circuit Boy - a dangerous techno-bimbo . . . You will be fuelled by G-Slime. Please monitor your levels. Bonding with the DNA Sluts will replenish your supplies . . . Be prepared to question your gendered construction . . . Be aware there is no moral code in the Zone (VNS Matrix, Game Girl).