8. Motor of Love

I honoured my promise to myself to never, ever, wait at another bus stop in the rain...(I bought a '74 Holden)

Motor of Love, or The Erotic of [War] Memorial Drive

Returning to [War] 'Memorial' Drive is an occasion of pleasure but there is a whole constellation of similar favorites. I deliberately take the long way around so I can drive down 'memory' lanes.

'Returning and revisiting is a kind of circular pleasure loop - one is locked into rediscovery of the banal through a process of uncovering - ...of taking the dust sheets off the furniture...

In going away, in choosing to live 'abroad' the threads are cut to all that is quotidian and not worth remarking in the home city. This then becomes remarkable upon returning. And in this endless process of re-discovery, a forgetting is taking place of the other City, the place you went to and came back from, so that it too, is lying in wait for you to re-discover it, and remark upon it...all over again.

I was locked into this process at an early age.

It makes me cry.

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