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"But to improvise is to join with the World, or meld with it. One ventures from home on the thread of a tune. Along sonorous, gestural, motor lines that mark the customary path of a child and graft themselves onto or begin to bud "lines of drift" with different loops, knots, speeds, movements, gestures, and sonorities." (Deleuze and Guattari A Thousand Plateaus)
the electronic Writing Research ensemble wishes to contribute to research on writing, and to writing as research, in the (electronic) way of facilitating a continuing inventive practise, a composing and recomposing, of textuality that is interdisciplinary, poetic, critical, and personal.

eWRe wishes no reference point, except that of querying 'research' and 'writing'. It encourages forms which link the literary, scholarly, arts, industrial, and social communities. eWRe considers this writing to be at the same time a reading practice.

Teri Hoskin has been the Editor and Designer of eWRe since 1997. eWRe was co-founded in 1996 by Dr Linda Marie Walker and Dr Jyanni Steffensen with assistance from The South Australian Department for the Arts.

eWRe acknowledges the ongoing work/teaching of Gregory Ulmer.

The ensemble is affiliated with Parallel Gallery, and is hosted by Virtual Artists